To develop GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VAISHALI (GECV) into a world class technical learning hub with up-to-date technical education, which makes our students to attain their maximum technical potential, managerial skills, highly competitive in job as well as in research area with vibrant environment.


To leave no target unturned in our venture that every student look back at GEC,Vaishali and says they had not taught us, they had educated us.

Program Education Objectives of the B.Tech Program

  • To develop good quality human and knowledge resources in the different branch of engineering.
  • To provide admirable contribution in technical field for the development our nation.
  • To provide advance tools or software such that we should have an ability to get solution to the real
    time objectives.
  • To understand the proper impact of engineering solutions in a globally, economically and socially.
  • To understand and recognize the importance of engineering in the context of technological developments.